"My Business Playbook" is a brand new show on the podcasting block. In the show we pull back the curtain on the steps (and missteps) of successful people. The goal is to give small business owners a raw and unfiltered play by play of what's worked and what hasn't in your business journey.

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Just quietly, we have hit the jackpot with our community here at My Business Playbook. Our tribe are interested in strategies, tools and programs to make running their business easy (and more profitable). Most listeners are running a startup or small-medium sized business and about 80% of listeners are female. 

Most interaction occurs within our dedicated My Business Playbook Facebook Page which is growing rapidly. 


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Laura Higgins, affectionately known as Lala, is the host of My Business Playbook and founder of Lala Social Club. Based in Australia, Laura is a recognised online marketing expert and educator with an engaged community of over 25,000 small business owners.

Laura’s online marketing know-how spans across many industries -finance, hospitality, beauty, construction, you name it. Her witty, dynamic and humorous communication style make her an engaging presenter and podcast guest. Laura presents fresh and effective marketing ideas that help businesses get results. Her authentic, easy to understand approach means that our audience feel empowered to take action and implement their ideas.

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