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121: How to produce high-quality videos on a budget with Ryan Koral

Meet Ryan Koral

Today I am joined by Ryan Koral of Tell Studios, which is a video production company based out of Michigan. With over 17 years as a documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur, Ryan LOVES building partnerships with clients and telling authentic stories that inspire action, highlight legacies, and help grow businesses. Ryan also consults other video studios on how to build their business through a weekly podcast and digital courses.

Here’s what we cover in this episode: 

🌟 How to DIY your video production in a way that is affordable, doable and actually fun.

🌟 The gear you need to start filming high production content (hint: you don’t have to spend loads of money!)

🌟 How to get over your fear of being in front of the camera

🌟 Ryan’s top tips for creating course videos that your students love

🌟 Why there’s room for your course idea (even if feel you are in a saturated market) 


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