112: Building an international eCommerce brand with Mustard Made

Meet Becca from Mustard Made

This week we hear from Mustard Made co-founder Rebecca (Becca) Stern. Becca and her sister Jess run an international ecommerce business, designing, manufacturing, and selling beautiful lockers. Becca has handled being a mum, running a business with her sister who lives on the opposite side of the world, and having Covid-19 shake the ground she walks on with Mustard Made’s product manufacturing. We chat about how Becca and Jess learned how to play to their strengths, and work as family and collegues at the same time. You’ll also hear some golden tips on how Becca markets her Mustard Made lockers.

Becca founded locker brand Mustard Made with her sister Jess, two sisters living on opposite sides of the world. You’ll find her in sunny Newcastle, Australia, with her three boys, husband, and a whole lot of lockers!

If you are in a family-run business or have a product-based business that was rocked by the effects of Covid, you will definitely relate to what Becca has to say! Or, if you want incredibly wise advice on how to play to your strengths in business and partnership, this podcast is for you.

Biggest takeaways from Mustard Made

  • How Becca runs a business with her sister from opposite sides of the world [11:40]
  • How Becca and Jess work to their strengths as siblings [14:10]
  • What changed at Mustard Made because of Covid-19 [18:14]
  • The creative ways that Becca markets her business [27:54]
  • The biggest mistakes Becca thinks she made when starting an online store [33:50]

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