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102: How to use collaboration to skyrocket your business with Jess Ruhfus (Collabosaurus)


Join me as I chat with Collabosaurus founder Jess Ruhfus. We dig into the good and bad of business collaboration, and unpack the craziness of jumping from side-hustle to full-time. 

Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands, big and small. With over 7500 collaboration opportunities, you’ll find some amazing businesses such as Microsoft, THE ICONIC, Marks & Spencer and Remington.

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Biggest takeaways from Collabosaurus

  • How you should use Instagram to organically build your audience and connections. [18:34]
  • Jess Ruhfus explains the difference between collaborative marketing and influencer marketing and the common misconceptions around collaborative marketing for small businesses [23:41]
  • Learn the best way to find the right collaborative fit and how to break things off gently if a collaboration is not working. [26:46]
  • Insights on how to collaborate with businesses in a similar industry to you [30:24]
  • Useful ways to measure the success of collaboration and avoid reaching the end of the campaign with nothing to show for it [33:01]

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