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113: Diversity, marketing, and an honest conversation about race with Ida Asare


Meet Ida Asare from On a Heal

In today’s conversation, I chat with Ida Asare from On a Heal. Ida is a therapist and coach for women in business who want to get things done. We chat about productivity, and her strategies to leverage it. We also talk about race. As a woman of colour here in Australia, Ida has a unique perspective that we can all learn from. We’re going deep today. I ask questions about token invites, things white people should stop saying and the best way to respond if someone “calls you out”.

Ida is a productivity coach and mentor, using her background as a counsellor and psychotherapist to help women overcome the barriers that stop them from doing the things they need to do and building a life that they love. She mostly works with women in business, and her strategies are simple, effective and unique. 

If you want to learn more about the importance of being inclusive as a brand, and doing so with the right motives, this episode is for you. Ida offers us honest, helpful ways we as people and brands can be more authentically diverse in our businesses.

Biggest takeaways from Ida Asare

  • Ida’s unique take on harnessing procrastination when it comes to productivity [08:18]
  • A game-changing strategy for measuring your energy [13:48]
  • The concept of ‘burnout’ for women in business [17:45]
  • Ida’s own challenges in business as a woman of colour [24:31]
  • The truth about motives when it comes to inclusion [27:35]
  • How to make someone aware that they are displaying a lack of diversity [36:49]
  • How to discern the integrity of businesses and people when they try to be inclusive [43:04]

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