107: Instagram, Launching a Book, and Mum-Life with Boob to Food.

Meet Luka from Boob to Food

Tune into this week’s podcast, as I sit down with Luka, founder of Boob to Food. Luka chats to us all about work-life balance, social media growth, and how to not only build a brand but a community.

As a mum of 2 with another on the way, and a social media following of 89.9K and counting, I don’t know anyone more equipped to talk about work-life balance than Luka. The ever-humble, always relaxed Luka McCabe tells us how she moved from midwifery to nutrition consulting, to writing a book and building a business with a community of thousands. 

Boob to Food is a nutrition consulting service for mothers who want ideas and guidance to nourish their baby on the journey from breastfeeding to solid foods. Boob to Food’s founder and primary nutrition consultant Luka McCabe has also written a book, Milk to Meals, full of in-depth advice and information parents need to know about starting their baby on solids, as well as over 80 useful recipes to make the journey as smooth as possible. 


Biggest takeaways from Boob to Food

  • The choices Luka made that built a community and prioritized her family, while still strengthening her brand. [05:12]
  • The journey Luka took to create her book, Milk to Meals. [11:46]
  • How Luka deals with burnout and work-life balance. [18:14]
  • The key thing that led to Boob to Food’s rapid growth in followers [27:40]
  • How to know what content to create for your audience [32:24]

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